• Series 50
     SKU Dimension
    SK01 450x500x180 [mm]
    SK02 800x500x180 [mm]
    SK03 1300x500x180 [mm]
  •  SKU Dimension
    Integrated SYER2 600x600x850 [mm]
    Counter ERSY2 500x700x860 [mm]
  •  SKU Dimension
    Integrated SYER3 600x600x850 [mm]
    Counter ERSY3 500x700x860 [mm]
  • Series 35
     SKU Dimension
    LAP147 1000x350x350 [mm]
    LAP197 1400x350x350 [mm]
  • Series 70
     SKU Dimension
    LAKS120 1200x700x860 [mm]
    LAKS140 1400x700x860 [mm]
  • Series 30
     SKU Dimension
    POK0837 800x300x700 [mm]
    POK1037 1000x300x700 [mm]
    POK1237 1200x300x700 [mm]
    POK1437 1400x300x700 [mm]
    POK1637 1600x300x700 [mm]
    POK1937 1900x300x700 [mm]
    POK2237 2200x300x700 [mm]
    POK2437 2400x300x700 [mm]
    POK2937 2900x300x700 [mm]
  • Series 40
     SKU Dimansion
    POIN0847 800x400x700 [mm]
    POIN1047 1000x400x700 [mm]
    POIN1247 1200x400x700 [mm]
    POIN1447 1400x400x700 [mm]
    POIN1647 1600x400x700 [mm]
    POIN1947 1900x400x700 [mm]
    POIN2247 2200x400x700 [mm]
    POIN2447 2400x400x700 [mm]
    POIN2947 2900x400x700 [mm]
  • Series 70
     SKU Dimension
    PAPL60 600x720x860 [mm]
    PAPL110 1100x720x850 [mm]
  • SKU
    HER1020 Heating installation to the cabinet interior with electronic thermostat
    RAH100 Heating shelf [price per meter]
    LH103 Halogen Heating lamps [price per meter]
    DSR Dish slider rails [upon request]
    STF9070 Stove 900x700x900 [mm] with heating & Humidity electronic control
  • Series 70
     SKU Dimension
    HSN1075 1000x700x550 [mm]
    HSN1575 1500x700x550 [mm]
    HSN2075 2000x700x550 [mm]
    HSN2575 2500x700x550 [mm]
    HSN3075 2960x700x550 [mm]
  • Series 70
     SKU Dimension
    STF9070 900x700x900 [mm]
  • Solid
     SKU Dimension
    RAD105 1000x500x1800 [mm]
    RAD125 1200x500x1800 [mm]
    RAD145 1400x500x1800 [mm]
    RAD165 1600x500x1800 [mm]
    RAD185 1800x500x1800 [mm]
    RAD205 2000x500x1800 [mm]
     SKU Dimension
    RADH105 1000x500x1800 [mm]
    RADH125 1200x500x1800 [mm]
    RADH145 1400x500x1800 [mm]
    RADH165 1600x500x1800 [mm]
    RADH185 1800x500x1800 [mm]
    RADH205 2000x500x1800 [mm]
  • Series 70 Included: • Cupboard with glasses • Inclined Bin • Triple Access Drawer Unit
  • PE 5cm
     SKU Dimension
    PP04459 400x400x900 [mm]
    PP05559 500x500x900 [mm]
    PP06659 600x600x900 [mm]
    PP07759 700x700x900 [mm]
    PP08859 800x800x900 [mm]
    PE 10cm
     SKU Dimension
    PP044109 400x400x900 [mm]
    PP055109 500x500x900 [mm]
    PP066109 600x600x900 [mm]
    PP077109 700x700x900 [mm]
    PP088109 800x800x900 [mm]
  • Dishes
     SKU Dimension
    KAR64 500x600x1620 [mm]
     SKU Dimension
    KAR11 660x650x1620 [mm]
    KAR12 750x650x1620 [mm]
  • Series 60
     SKU Dimension
    FH554 500x500x40 [mm]
    Series 60
     SKU Dimension
    PLW100 1000x20x970 [mm]

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