Floor & Portable

     SKU Series Dimension
    BME1063 70 1060x700x1280 [mm]
    BME1404 70 1400x700x1280 [mm]
    BME1745 70 1740x700x1280 [mm]
    BME2086 70 2080x700x1280 [mm]
    BME2407 70 2400x700x1280 [mm]
     SKU Series Dimension
    MB128 80 1200x800x1800 [mm]
    MB148 80 1200x800x1800 [mm]
    MB198 80 1900x800x1800 [mm]
     SKU Series Dimension
    TF097 55 900x550x1280 [mm]
    TF147 55 1400x550x1280 [mm]
    TF197 55 1900x550x1280 [mm]
     SKU Series Dimension
    TE0955 55 900x550x550 [mm]
    TE1255 55 1200x550x550 [mm]
    TE1555 55 1400x550x550 [mm]
     SKU Series Dimension Without glasses
    BM742 80 740x700x650 [mm] 740x700x240 [mm]
    BM1063 80 1060x700x650 [mm] 1060x700x240 [mm]
    BM1404 80 1400x700x650 [mm] 1400x700x240 [mm]
    BM1745 80 1740x700x650 [mm] 1740x700x240 [mm]

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