The entire range of our fabrications is made of top quality raw materials, Stainless Steel AISI 304, providing time-saving value, health protection for customers and workforce, and ultimate quality in your kitchen. We manufacture standardized & special orders according to the requirements of your expertise.


 SKU Series Dimension
TR1060 60 900x600x850 [mm]
TR1260 60 1200x600x850 [mm]
TR1460 60 1400x600x850 [mm]
TR1660 60 1600x600x850 [mm]
TR1960 60 1900x600x850 [mm]
TR2260 60 2200x600x850 [mm]
TR2460 60 2400x600x850 [mm]
TR2660 60 2600x600x850 [mm]
TR2960 60 2850x600x850 [mm]
TR1070 70 900x700x850 [mm]
TR1270 70 1200x700x850 [mm]
TR1470 70 1400x700x850 [mm]
TR1670 70 1600x700x850 [mm]
TR1970 70 1900x700x850 [mm]
TR2270 70 2200x700x850 [mm]
TR2470 70 2400x700x850 [mm]
TR2670 70 2600x700x850 [mm]
TR2970 70 2850x700x850 [mm]